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Richard Salay

music composer, arranger, performer, sound desinger and actor



millenia - the cleanest professional studio preamps,eq's,deesers & compressors,tube & solid technology
eisen audio - copy of legendary vintage NEVE preamps,500's small very simply preamp sounds amazingly great !,thank you mr EISEN !
api - great eq's & preamps,creator of 500's launchbox studio systems
akai - best audio hardware samplers
digidesign - main music professional tools for audio recording,editing,mixing & mastering in all most popular music studios and productions in the world
waves - one of best music plugins replaced studio's expensive hardware gear
tc electronic - amazing delays,choruses,reverbs and other modulated effects
tc 2290 - welcome to THE EDGE from U2,DAVID GILMOUR from PINK FLOYD & many many others !
lexicon - legendary halls,plates & other combinations of very popular needed effects
lexicon PCM 80 - very wide & fat sounding multifunctional professional effect unit
lexicon MPX1 - another colours of lexicon


yamaha ns10m - what can i say..? legendary straight sounding nearfield monitors for clean recording,editing & mixing used in every famous studio
yamaha ns10m grammy - grammy for them
genelec - another music standard in studio active monitoring,they're everywhere
genelec 1031A - black magic
event - mid range cheaper passive monitors for another listening


neumann - world's standard in studio professional microphones
neumann U87 - the most popular microphone on this planet !
shure - very needed mics for lot of instruments in studio & live !
shure sm58 - very clean & real dynamic mic,with which i started all my recordings in 2002 !
shure sm57 - dynamic mic,best for recording guitars amps,percussions,snare & other
shure sm81 - condenser mic,beautiful for acoustic guitars,hit hats,& many others
akg - another big collection of standard studio mics & headphones
akg d112 - best kick dynamic mic
akg c418 - small,really small condenser mics,great for toms,percissions,brass & other
beyerdynamic - also great mics & headphones
bpm studiotechnik - older german tube condenser mic,great velvet sounding,pricing like U87 line 


apple - beauty & power,the heart of my studio work
macpro - this thing replacing big SSL mixing consoles,big tape recorders,and don't put me sleep :(
powerbook 17' - transfer mac 
mac mini - another apple's wonder


doepfer - best keyboard with 88 hammer keys,fully midi controllable,lot of functions,feel like playing on piano
fender rhodes - one of my dream,no one can imitate this,it's one and only,the real original FENDER RHODES MKII 73 STAGE PIANO 1979
korg - very universal synths,fat sounding places and leads
korg MS10 - killing machine from 1978 ! great real editing with knobs,open your fantasy and play ! :)
korg M1 - vintage synth,used by JOE ZAWINUL,and others
virus c - modern dance,house,hip hop,drum & bass,new jazzy sounding amazing sound module ! again with lot of live editing knobs !
roland - standard sound modules for fast work :)..also great vintage gears


fodera - mamma mia,what to say,go and buy it ! :) full sounding basses for every music situations !
vivian bass - czech guitars maker HONZA VLASAK made this bass very professional,it looks & play like Pttituci's TRB6,great bass for solos in high strings !
ibanez - vintage fretless bass IBANEZ BLAZER with eben wood neck & bartolini pickup
fender - ..cannot live without my FENDER STRATOCASTER ! every groove is starting on Fender guitar :) realy good guitars & basses !
almansa guitar - special spanish massive thin body nylon acoustic electric guitar with velvet natural sound,amazing !
cort - diferent les paul style guitar with 2 humbuckers,i am using on rock and metal sounds,and also :) warm jazzy sounds :)


aer - the cleanest amp i've ever heard,amazing crystal sounding amps for acoustic guitars,synthesizers,also bass amps,mics
eden - fat tube sounding bass amps,made by DAVID EDEN,concrete,clean,warm sound for every bass style playing !
eden wt highwayman - my bass head
epifani - one of the best bass box - light,small,concrete,fat,1800 WATTS in peak !
fender vibrolux reverb - long long time wanted amp,real vintage all original 9 tubes guitar amp with 2 x 10' Alnico Jensen - 1975 !


xotic - very natural sensitive sounding guitar pedals - from total clean to overdrive preamp
fulltone - amazing real pedals,great OCD overdrive for crunch,WAH pedals,VIBE pedals & other
voodoolab - great guitar sortiment
timmy - boutique overdrive pedal
boss - long list of every effect you can imagine
ernieball - strong bass strings,best volume pedals
line6 - special effects,nice imitating 


sony - very useful hifi components for recording & playing standard media like cd,md,mg ...
nad - beautiful sounding high end amplifiers
alesis - amps and synths
tayio yuden - professional cd & dvd media
monster cable - high quality audio cables
iomega - zip & other backup systems
seagate - quality fast harddisks specially made for music & video editing
glyphtech - recommended digidesigns hardisc for professional music recording
panasonic - one of the best FULL HD plasma big tv's



soundsquare - modern multifunctional sound-post production facility comprising of four studios and THX mixing hall - Prague / CZ
sproalfa - other multi production agency with recording studios for tv & radio commercials - Prague / CZ
cinemasound - postproduction sound services to a wide spectrum of advertising agencies,production companies & recording labels - Prague / CZ
avion - digital post-production facility,video & film editing,2D/3D animation,classical cartoon animation and other...Prague / CZ
instantmedia - production of TV & radio commercials,music composing,instore radio systems - Prague / CZ
dema - creative multimedia production for tv ,radio , graphics & music commercials - Prague / CZ
lineart - also multi production with recording studio,strategy & concepts to support your sales,product features and brand values - Prague / CZ
audiotech - creation of audio-visual materials,sound production & postproduction for tv & broadcast - Prague / CZ
sono - real big profesional music recording & mastering studio close Prague / CZ
svengali - music recording studio - mastering studio,postproduction of tv programmes,film documentaries and promotion spots - Prague / CZ
adk - full services in audio video,mastering music - Prague / CZ
chicsound - recording & mastering studio with some vintage gear - Prague / CZ
propast - analog & digital recording studio - close Prague / CZ
czech philharmony - big classical recording studio - Prague / CZ
fontana - production & postproduction studio for tv & radio broadcsat,central sound bank - Prague / CZ
sagatv - independent television group,postproduction - Prague / CZ


muziker - one of the biggest Prague's music store / CZ
music city - big guitars store with testing rooms - Prague / CZ
pmc - music store since 1992 ,musical instruments & profesional audio - Prague / CZ
kytary - another big music store not only with guitars - Prague / CZ
k audio - distribution & sale music instruments & sound technik - Prague / CZ
disk - store for audio software & music instruments - Boskovice / CZ
mediaport - digidesign dealer,music software,plugins & other studio equipment - Prague / CZ
visual - profesional video & audio store - Prague / CZ
audiopro - profesional sound gear - Prague / CZ
audiopolis - profesional studio equipment - Prague / CZ
alexim - store specialized for basses & acoustic ,electric guitars,also great guitar service ! - Prague / CZ
guitarpark - Fender guitars & amps,guitar pedals - Prague / CZ
guitarpolis - Suhr guitars & other gear - Prague / CZ
janzaudio - man who has everything about studio gear - Prague / CZ
maximac - apple store - Prague / CZ
applestore - another apple store - Prague / CZ
cables - components for apple computers - Prague / CZ


instrumento - music forum of everything / CZ
electrozone - forum of music gear,plugins,software & other studio instruments / CZ
bass - bass guitars & amps forum / CZ
drumandbass - drum & bass discussions / CZ
savita - music quality recording gear & studio / CZ
muzikus - top czech music magazine / CZ
osa - czech music composers protection agency / CZ
intergram - czech performer protection agency / CZ
jazz sk - all about slovak jazz
sony bmg cz
supraphon cz
universal cz
etno cz - about ethno music in cz
uschovna - ftp internet data transfering


harmony central - one of the biggest & best music reviews in the world
gearslutz - another great music forum about all music gear
digidesign answerbase - all answers about digidesign's protools & digidesigns plugins
mercenary - top studio gear
vintagesynth - detailed site about every synth
proguitarshop - great guitar pedals tester
guitareffectspedals - other guitar pedals forum
pedalgeek - guitar pedals
myspace - people comunity
yousendit - ftp data transfer server,very useful !
versiontracker - news of apple smal software
macupdate - another mac software site
dv247 - uk popular music store
thomann - most popular german music store
musicstore - biggest german music store
ams neve - legendary NEVE
brentaverill - really great copy of NEVE preamps


oskar rozsa - great slovak bassplayer - composer,good friend
ivan horak - real friend,famous czech film sound engineer
cyklotrener - tomas,friend,drum & bass experimentator,development helper of this sites
wimpy - czech bass player guitar guru's :